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Music and Me

My name is Charles Seay, a musician and an entrepreneur ever since I began playing with bands outside of my regular school curriculum

It’s been some time since I have really played any of my musical instruments.  I do, however, keep in touch with my “Art” through Listening.  But playing was something that came as natural to me as breathing.  Nowadays, “breathing” has been cut short through inactivity and just plain neglect.  I am able to, but not with the intensity I once had.  I still get the urge to pick up my horn from time to time and do.  But just as any  finely tuned athlete will attest, once you get out of shape, it’s harder to get back that position once held.  It was stated to me long ago, that “Music” was a part of me.  Although I may have put it down, not participating in it, and just ignoring that part of me, it still was very much a part of me as my fingers and toes are.  It had to be explained to me that “Listening” is an Art Form in itself. How many of us listen yet don’t hear. Speak but don’t say nothing. I know I am guilty of those very acts. Getting caught up in the moment can cause overwhelming desires to be heard. To be able to quiet the mind long enough to hear what the next person is saying takes practice.

The name of the tune you may have heard is called “La Fiesta” by Chick Corea. At this I have never heard the tune and really haven’t heard any arrangements on it as of yet. If anyone has some information on it, please let me know. I am very curious. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I haven’t made an effort to get to know what the song sounds like. Much like how I have dealt with the other Social Websites I became a part of. I am doing something a little different with this site. I am trying to participate.

Let me know what you think of things.

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