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Is it a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood?

Hello All, I started this Blog entry thinking about the situations going on in other parts of the world and realized I need to keep it a little bit closer to home.  It’s amazing how my community supports businesses that are not there to support them.  I am not speaking of them not being receptive to new ways or anything like that.  It’s about the nature of that business and the people running the business and the fact that they have no vested interest in the community.  

Our Restaurants, corner stores or even the liquor establishments seem to be there to exploit the masses and give nothing back.  The funny thing is, is that we don’t even care about these things.  Maybe I am wrong.  Hopefully I am.   But speaking of matters a little more close to home I came across this article in the “Newark Star Ledger” from someone that is truly not from Newark (http://www.nj.com/newark/index.ssf/2009/03/letters_to_the_editor_22.html).   It bears reprinting and this BLOG has the privilege of doing so.  It’s about how our Police are “supposed” to serve our community and my take on things is that what is going on in our neighborhoods, presently, is atrocious.

My story begins yesterday with the police doing what seemed an honorable thing in investigating a robbery that occurred on my block on 3/5/2009.  They were canvassing the neighborhood looking for leads and as I was noticing them when they noticed me.  Instead of simply saying “Excuse Me, Sir” the detective shined his flashlight at me in an effort to “get” my attention, he later told me.  I must add that when he flashed his light at me I continued into my dwelling paying him and his partner no mind.  Flashing a light at someone is not a sign that is to be acknowledged, but speaking to a person and asking that person if they had the time to speak with them would have been in order.  They eventually came to the house and rang the bell and it was then I questioned his intent.  The person penning the article I spoke of earlier is not from Newark and their insight can only cause many to wonder what is really going on in the city of Newark when an outsider hits it on the head.  The lack of sensitivity is prevalent as a result of people not being policed by people who live in the city they police.  Does our Mayor condone these actions?  Is it part and parcel to a much larger scheme? What is the reasoning behind it all? 

At this writing on 3/22/09, my Nephew had to undergo harassment from the police who were “undercover”.  When people are going to and from a place and not causing a problem do they need to be harassed/stopped for no apparent reason?  His detainment was not for any reason other than his being from Newark or being in Newark.  I don’t believe that he was being stopped because of his skin complexion.  I want to think we have come too far as a society to continue on those lines. It’s got to be a move by the police to harass it’s citizenry beyond measure. To cause the people of this city to so dislike the police and their antics that when something does happen and the assistance of the people in those neighborhoods is truly needed, it won’t happen. That’s what their plan is! It’s got to be! Why else will “Good” police officers make such measures a part of their daily routine?  Just in case you haven’t had a chance to read what was sent to the “Editor” Move ahead in this BLOG.

Letters to the Editor

by The Star-Ledger

Sunday March 22, 2009, 7:04 AM

Police need to act with more respect I am concerned about police brutality in Newark. There is no place for police brutality anywhere in a democratic country; there is no place for police brutality in a country of humanity and justice. Newark is a very special city. It has New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. It has the wonderful and still expanding Newark Museum, which is celebrating its centennial. It has a great heritage. In the 40s and 50s, my grandfather was the chief counsel for Weston, a maker of high technology light meters located in Newark. I care about Newark and I want it to prosper. I understand from the ACLU that out of 861 complaints of excessive force from 2000-07, only 20 were upheld, and of those 18 were considered minor. With that record, I am sure that there are many more complaints that have never been filed. The City of Newark’s administration needs to retrain its police force, a city council subcommittee needs to review how complaints are handled, independent monitors need to be established, and the mayor needs to take action against those in the force who do not show respect for Newark’s citizens and visitors. Respect gets respect. Newark’s Police Force will find their job a lot easier if they treat the people they serve with dignity. — Kip Cherry, Princeton

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