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Raisin’ Hoodlums

I remember one day last summer; I had just come from my hustle after hearing cat’s talk about the hopes and desires of another person and never interjecting their own.  After listening to their diatribe I commented on the fact that what they were doing was actually “kicking in the back” of that individual while on the other hand “…wishing them well”.  I felt the conversation was out of order.  Regardless of what that person’s past may have been, I shouldn’t talk negatively about them in one breathe while in another breathe wish that person well.  From my viewpoint, all I see is the “crab in the barrel” syndrome.  Can I honestly say that a person cannot change?  I think not!  The person they were talking about wasn’t there to defend their position and all I could do was shake my head in amusement about the things being said.  It wasn’t until my “amusement” was noticed by one of the perpetrators and their apparent displeasure of being caught out there, that I felt compelled to give my take on the subject.  Of course this caused hostility towards me, unwarrantedly.  When I take it upon myself to question another’s integrity, my own comes in to question.  Upon having my integrity questioned, I really don’t have a right to be angry.  I should have the fortitude of character to begin to internalize the things I said, done or thought to find clarity.

That very topic brings me to what I really want to write about.  It wasn’t until later in the day that I came upon the topic of this story.

Raisin’ LiL’ Hoodlums, Not Entrepreneur’s

I was on my way to the “office” when I came across a small child with his parents at the bus stop. A woman walked by and spoke to the young lady, and then it happened.  The small child, dressed in his “hoody”, began making gestures that were indicative of what I see in the older “youth” and sometimes “Adults” who seem to be part of a gang-like mentality or culture.

What was more shocking was that the parents did not admonish the child for this type of behavior, but laughed at his antics, therefore giving it credence.  What a child sees is more likely what that child will do.  Not a blanket indictment against motherhood, but merely an awakening to facts that have truly opened my eyes to our plight.  As an upcoming nation of people; Asiatic (Black) Americans, I see the disparity that is manifest in the behaviors exhibited by our people, regularly.  I am sure there are other nationalities that have their “jokers” as well.

Let’s take a look at what I see for a minute.  The stores I have to frequent are inhabited by people that don’t necessarily look like me.  They don’t sound like me because their accents are thick from their own heritage.  What I see on more than one occasion is that these people/entrepreneurs have their children with them learning how to become like them, just as that little hoodlum was being nurtured into a lifestyle that his parents most definitely are into. It’s sad to think that our women are rearing what the future holds for us in the form of dysfunctional personas that will in turn create mirror images of themselves time and time again, never breaking the cycle.  My father never really got the chance to tell me some things I needed to know.  That duty/responsibility indirectly fell in the laps of my older brothers and sisters.  But through it all, any information that came to me was information derived from that source, my father.

When I married, I looked at my wife and thought of the words passed on to me.  ‘Is that a person I would want to raise my child’?   I looked at my wife’s mother and father and was able to say, yes.  Whether I was right or wrong is a topic for another day.  I was comfortable with the knowledge that she would be able to raise my child.  A child’s formulative years are crucial to that child’s development as a person.  If the parent, that is in constant contact is shaky from the start, then the child will be a direct decedent of what I can only call “shakiness”.

It’s the women that really raises and nurtures a nation.  I, as the man, will have a role in the making of man-child in the image of myself, only if I have attained “manhood”.  If my status is questionable then that man-child will undoubtedly have a rough row to hoe.  It’s the responsibility of both parents to curb behaviors that are offensive to society.  If they, the parents are not equipped to do so, then when that child is old enough, the police surely will.
“It’s All About You …”

All Goods, All Times, All Season

All Goods, All Times, All Season
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