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Reality Rationally Revisited

It’s good to see that African Path is back up (with some minor changes).

I have to really thank my friend on African Path for keeping me in touch with “Reality”. Today I have become more skeptical of what I read and hear as a result of having my eyes being opened. It’s not that I was just plain gullible, it’s just that now I have to really look at what is not being said in relationship to what I may have just heard or even read.

I came across the below 3 points regarding Zimbabwe and South Africa’s political climate and my prior thoughts and feelings on the change from minority to the more “Parliamentary” form of government was made affirmed.
It was just a farce – a hoax, deception all along. Let’s take the points listed below and examine them.

1) the British agreement to grant independence to Zimbabwe included the demand that the new Zimbabwean government would have to assume the debts acquired by their then-oppressor, the Ian Smith outlaw regime;

2) that the British government agreed, as part of the independence agreement, to settle the issue of land distribution, but reneged on this agreement with the blunt announcement to that effect by U.K. Secretary of State for International Development Clare Short in 1997, shortly after Tony Blair became Prime Minister;

3) that when the Zimbabwe government subsequently began implementing land reform on its own, the British government retaliated by withdrawing all budgetary aid to Zimbabwe, and getting other industrial countries to do the same. At that time, the Zimbabwe government was then dependent on aid for about 50% of its budget. The economy collapsed as a result of the retraction of this aid. The collapse was blamed on the Zimbabwe government.

Africans are also wondering if Obama’s idea of good governance means, being subservient, foregoing industrial development, and doing as you are told.

Let’s look at number 1 – Having the new government assuming the responsibility for the Ian Smith’s “regime” mess is wrong. Especially when Mugabe and the Indigenous people of “Rhodesia” were never part of the structure that “voted” and implemented any of the policies the outgoing administration placed on the whole of that society. What happened to the mineral wealth? Have they been taken over by the “New” administration?

Number 2 – What did Britain have to do with Zimbabwe’s land settlement? Especially after the mess they made with Palestine in 1940’s.

Normally, when the tenant leaves or moves out of the dwelling or house, they normally will take all of their trash with them or get rid of it. You pretty much want to leave it in the same condition as when you moved in. Whatever you break you should have to shoulder the cost to fix.

I am sure after 1980 the “Exodus” was massive with the robber barons taking most or all of the wealth of the land with them upon the so-called regime change. Today I question, how, “In 1976 the South African and United States governments could have worked together to place pressure on Ian Smith to agree to a form of majority rule.” The South Africans government was not even a “Majority” ruled government in 1976 in its own right. What could these two countries of “Apartheid” be doing, working together? Were these two governments working on the “Rhodesian” fleeing to South Africa

Change without changing is not changing at all – just a new form of slavery to replace the old system. President Obama blaming the sheep for being eaten by the wolves is just plain wrong.
“It’s All About You …”

All Goods, All Times, All Season

All Goods, All Times, All Season
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    • January 9, 2011 at 3:44 pm

      Thanks Player Profiles. I took what you noted into consideration and made a change. Let me know what you think.

      CE Seay

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