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It’s official: Microsoft, Yahoo and Bing – Microsoft-Yahoo ink 10-year search pact

It’s official: Microsoft-Yahoo ink 10-year search pact; Regulator scrum begins | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com.

Microsoft, Yahoo and Bing bling together to make directory search experience a less daunting task – plus filled with cash rewards for loyal users.

Looks like Mr. Gates is pulling out all the stops on this one.  Look for major fallout on this from the folks at Google.  But maybe, just maybe; with Google’s Chrome OS launched earlier this month, Google might not find it necessary to go to the courts.

The following 2 statements tell the whole story.

Google: What is there to say, really? Search is to Google as Windows is to Microsoft. They dominate the search market by a wide margin, despite Microsoft’s best efforts (including the company’s failed attempt to buy Yahoo).

Microsoft: They had to do something drastic to compete in search, and they did with their recent launch of It’s received a lot of press, a lot of positive reviews, and has clearly caught Google’s attention. But does anyone seriously think it will overtake Google’s dominance in search anytime soon?

The companies said the search deal will accelerate innovation and bring more value to advertisers and Web users. Yahoo and Microsoft also get to focus on their core strengths. Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz says there will be “boatloads of value for our users and industry.” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the Yahoo deal gives Bing the scale to compete.

In a blog post, Bartz said:

You’ll still find search boxes all across Yahoo!, but this deal will make the difference between a great Yahoo search experience and an awesome one.

On a conference call, Bartz said that the pact allows both companies to combine forces to take on Google in search. Google has 70 percent of the search market and Microsoft will now have the rest.

Rest assured Google will raise a regulator ruckus. “We suspect we’ll see some opposition from the competitor,” said Ballmer. The companies said:

Will this be the end to pay per click?   Or will business as usual be the norm? 

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“It’s All About You …”

All Goods, All Times, All Season

All Goods, All Times, All Season
  1. August 11, 2009 at 4:12 am

    Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

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