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Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s Racist Founder

Many feel that Margaret Sanger should not be a part of the Smithsonian Exhibit because of her agenda.

Come on folks, it’s not like public office where you can be asked to resign or get fired for your biased and controversial stances.  If ones social belief system is based in racism and they happen to be in public office, it’s better that they not let those thoughts come out for public scrutiny.  They need to hold those thoughts and just begin implementing the divisive agendas that people of that mindset would probably hold dear.  It’s my feelings that Mrs. Sanger should not be removed from the exhibit at the Smithsonian.  She is truly an American institution and bears remembrance.   Besides, many of her “Institutions” are funded by the government.

Margaret Sanger, the social scient(ist)

  1. Added to words to form nouns denoting:
    1. One who follows a principle or system of belief.
      Note, these are related to -ism, e.g. Marxismdeism
    2. A member of a profession or one interested in something.
      psychiatrist, one who studies psychiatry
    3. A person who uses something.
      violinist, one who plays a violin
    4. A person who holds biased views.

We should never forget her contributions and we should never let the world forget what she wanted done.  If we don’t take a look at our history we are doomed to repeat those same mistakes.

What she wanted for others was used as a resource tool or rather a how to on “extermination”.  She obviously felt very strongly about the subject to offer her findings to a people that would have loved to practice her very own craft on her.  Mrs. Sanger should be honored for her sacrifice to the world.  Besides, it’s Americas right to do so.

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Margaret Sanger (1879-1966)As a nurse on New York’s crowded and poor Lower East Side, Margaret Sanger saw firsthand how constant childbearing contributed to the cycle of poverty. In 1912, determined to correct the situation, she gave up nursing to devote herself to the promotion of birth control. Faced with laws forbidding dissemination of contraceptive information, Sanger’s crusade had stiff opposition, and some of her efforts landed her in prison. But gradually the cause won acceptance. By 1921, when Sanger founded the Birth Control League, her movement had begun to win adherents in respectable quarters. There were still many years left of battling before birth control would become part of mainstream social thinking, but Sanger was indomitable. Physically, noted one observer, she was a “fragile little woman,” but she had the “courage of a wounded tiger.”Sanger’s portraitist, Joy Buba, was trained in Germany. In addition to being a sculptor, she was book a illustrator.

13 Million dead!  Maybe somewhere amongst that number was the inventor of that very item, that very concept or idea, that would serve all humanity.  To kill the innocent and allow the perverse to render our society useless to itself is the real crime.  Celebrating bigotries agenda is and what seems to keep this country proud of itself.

A woman’s choice

A woman’s choice is and should be just that – her choice.  But to begin telling people they are not fit to be parents is truly overstepping our human bond with the world.  I would first have to believe that people can not change and they “Hopeless”.  And based on that idea alone, I would have to also render that same hypothesis on the whole of America.  Based on America, Arabia and Europe’s past, I would have to say then that they would only be the same as their past,   or feel that these people have always had a G?D complex.

Master Race concept

Where did Hitler get his Master Race concept from?  Did Margaret Sanger really get her ideals from him or was she a world reknowed author and social scientist that just happened to have a similar set of thinking with Hitler?.


Who were theese “Colored Ministers” that were used to spread Mrs. Sanger’s agenda and turn their back on their own race just to worship at the feet of this false G?D, whose is now portrayed in this country as a Great American.

“It’s All About You …”

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