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We Cain’t Blame Anyone, Anymore

Blacks Will Kill More Blacks Than Whites Will

Whether that statement is true or not, the numbers quoted in the above Blog Post are alarming, very alarming. What causes this is the real question; as there must be something missing in the mindset of a person that has compunction to just end someone else’s life? What kind of mindset does one need in order bring about some positive change?

“Bill Cosby told Black parents that if they wanted to see their children succeed then they must educate their children on the many different aspects of American culture, not on “being Black” or blaming whitey for all their problems.” and he is absolutely correct.

Once our children have a grasp on the cultural practices of others as well as their own, then they can begin appreciating why they should utilize similar doctrines that other cultures follow and admonish one another for not following the “plan”.  Let’s take for example the way many other cultures patronize their own stores and businesses, thus building up industries for their compatriots without giving a thought to anyone else. In many neighborhoods, merchants will routinely cycle in new people, that may have just arrived to America, with employment. Let’s also note that there are many other cultures that would drive past neighborhoods in search of one that is owned by someone from their own culture.

Yes, Mr. Cosby is correct in that we should take a page from out of the many “cultural quirks” (as I call it) that keep other cultures in tight cohesive units.

Let’s take a tour of those varied and distinct cultures for a moment.  If we were teaching our children correctly they would open up stores in in other culture’s neighborhoods (and do as those other cultures do – take the money out of that other cultures neighborhood and enrich their own community in which they live).

Now, that may or may not have been what the man was alluding to, but I just had to say it in the manner I did.

Our children are in the middle of a war.  A war on education.  Our Governor has lost quite a few millions of dollars, dollars that were to help our children.

On its application for a federal grant from the “Race to the Top” fund, the Garden State lost more than four points for providing budgetary data for 2010 and 2011 rather than 2008 and 2009. Had the correct information been filed, the state would have scored higher on its review than Ohio–the tenth of 10 states to receive federal funding–and thus, it would have received a share of the $3.6 billion up for grabs – (CNN’s Jeff Simon – N.J. schools chief fired over $400 million mistake)

The Governor wanted to close budget gaps and to do so he was willing to fire thousands of people whom I gather he deemed non-essential.  How many were fired a year ago from the States OMB?  Maybe the very one that would have caught that “typo”.

Video Technology – Helping Shape Minds

But educating our young people is still paramount in any discussion.  Giving our children options that they truly need in order to make positive decisions today,  is crucial.  Research states that the number of self hate crimes would be drastically inclined to decrease with the positive interaction between different ethnicities.  Do children of other cultures have to go through the “de-sensitivity”  process that so many of our kids go through; right here in the USA, with the material they, our little ones, are seeing on  television and in the games they play?

MaHarris and Company®, through it’s partnerships, is offering solutions that begin with breaking down the barriers that seem to exist right here in our own backyards.  The “Make a Difference” cause marketing program is what can and is making that difference.  Imagine, being able to bring the Professional; the very ones that lives in or around the neighborhood to right where you live.  Bringing Lawyers, Doctors, Policemen and other professionals from around the country in to talk and mentor to our children; directly in front of our kids, without them ever having to leave their office(s).  This time saving impact is huge.  You would have never imagined that all these time saving features along with its financial impact are structured in our CU 3000 Video Phone®.

CU 3000

The CU 3000 is a revolutionary device that enables people to see each other that haven’t had a chance to, for whatever reason, at a savings of up to 50% or more.  The “Make a Difference” cause marketing campaign is just the vehicle to help create a way for many people that haven’t had a chance to interact with each other to now do so.  People in remote parts of their own country can now visit and talk to anyone without having to travel the vast distances it would normally require.

Businesses in the community are encouraged to adopt classrooms.  Professionals just have to reach out from the comfort of their office to talk to and change an impressionable mind towards a potential positive direction.  Everyone in and around our neighborhoods can get involved to make better people of us all.  Any business and or professional can get additional exposure in the community in which they serve and the customer appreciation will be just one of the benefits participation brings.  The changing of a distracted youth to one interested in learning and of one aspiring to make positive changes in their personal life is by far reward enough.

For more information on how you can “Make a Difference” contact me at your earliest convenience (973) 689-9995

“It’s All About You …”

All Goods, All Times, All Season

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