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My OPIC View confronted

Affront Confronted

I recently ran across a blog and just couldn’t help myself from leaving my comment.  Now this lead to my answering a comment and so forth and so on.   What I always need to take into account is that I am not the only one putting stuff out there.  Others are actually reading the material and making judgements via their reply/response.  Let’s take a look at Rick Sanchez of CNN who was fired for saying “Jews are not oppressed minority“.   His opine caused his ouster from the station and his commentary from this point forward will have to be broadcast from somewhere else.  Maybe some examples of Jewish oppression need to be chronicled here and everywhere else.  That would shut up the people who think that Jewish Oppression is some sort of fabrication.

Oppressions ugly face is all around us and I am sure everyone is experiencing this type of travesty on our rights on a daily basis.

I digress. I just want you to  take a look at what transpired between Reggie and myself.  I was putting my thoughts to a piece regarding a recent march to Unite the Nation.  The results are as follows:

Comment by Me on September 29, 2010 at 9:20pm

Comment on the One Nation March that happened 10/2/2010
Our struggle is the American struggle. Whenever we march for something, all of America becomes the beneficiary of that process. I don’t know of any other sector/ethnic group in America that fights for the rights of all America. If there are, I would love to know who those groups/ethnic groups are.

Comment by Reggie on September 29, 2010 at 11:54pm

Here are some of the “Real Americans” backing this event:
– Communist Party USA (CPUSA)
– Democratic Socialists of America
– Detroit Democratic Socialists of America
– Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
– Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
– International Socialist Organization There are over 400 sponsors and backers of this event. So to have some socialist and communist organizations endorsing the event is not in itself surprising.But ask yourself this question:
Since the President has repeatedly said he is not a socialist, why are socialist organizations totally behind all of his policies? Why was Van Green, a self avowed communist, appointed to an important post in the Obama administration?Another question to consider:
Besides his words, what policies or actions can you point to that indicate he is NOT a socialist?

Comment by Me on September 30, 2010 at 7:30am

I should have stayed with Ethnic Groups, just Ethnic Groups and not Other Groups and What I should have stated was that “I don’t know of any other ethnic group in America that fights for the rights of all America. If there are, I would love to know who those ethnic groups are?I guess any declaration that talks about the People having certain inalienable rights is going to be considered a “Communist” or “Socialist” manifesto. There are supposedly 400 sponsors and backers and you only list 1.5% of the backers. Don’t those same organizations back and vote for the Republican and Democratic parties as well? So your stance would be to exclude anyone that doesn’t agree with your “Political” views? Hoover and the FBI felt that way too, and for close to 40 years La Cosa Nostra ran rampant in the US without so much as nod from the so-called highest crime fighting organization (at the time) in the world. Below are a list of “What those “Real Americans” stand for:Communist Party USA – Are for “People before Profits” A better world is possible — a world where people come before profits. That’s socialism. That’s our vision. We are the Communist Party USA.Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically—to meet public needs, not to make profits for a few. To achieve a more just society, many structures of our government and economy must be radically transformed through greater economic and social democracy so that ordinary Americans can participate in the many decisions that affect our lives.Democratic Socialists of America
Greater Detroit Local
We believe that everyone has a right to . . .Affordable quality health care, quality education, food and shelter, and childcare;
A full-time job at a living wage;
Living-level disability and retirement income (Social Security);
Meaningful participation in public affairs and politics;
Meaningful participation in workplace decisions; and
A healthy, clean environment
. . . regardless of income, education, gender, race, or sexual orientation.We believe in true democracy, in which people, not corporations or political elites, determine public policy and are the primary consideration in such policy, in which all people have equal input into local, state, and national government — in which all people are the government.Detroit Democratic Socialists …believe in an economics, a politics, and a culture that promote equal participation and working together toward the good of all rather than elitism and cutthroat “me-first” competition.

Comment by Reggie on September 30, 2010 at 11:35am

I think you missed my point Chal_E_Seay. I fully explained why I only listed the openly socialist and communist groups. And you failed to address the issue I raised. And you seem to naively buy into the propaganda contained in their websites.I grew up in the sixties and seventies and saw this country at war with communists and socialists who were attacking, militarily, smaller and weaker countries to force their ideology on their people. After realizing that they could not confront this country militarily they decided to infiltrate our society and our institutions.And don’t be dishonest! Do not put words in my mouth! Do not pretend you can read my mind! What you refer to as my “political” views are basic principles of liberty and freedom. And I never said anything about excluding anyone. So your off topic analogy of Hoover and the FBI are baseless.It’s obvious that you and many other Americans do not even know what socialism is or what communism is. Otherwise you would have recognized it for what it is, the opposite of liberty and freedom.Question: What in the world do you mean by, “I don’t know of any other ethnic group in America that fights for the rights of all America. If there are, I would love to know who those ethnic groups are?”What ethnic group are you referring to? Why do they need to “fight” for “all America’s rights?” Who are they fighting?Do you actually think socialism and communism is what America should “change” into?

Comment by Me 1 day ago
I might have missed your point, Reggie. You mentioned the “Green Czar” Van Jones and his appointment and subsequent resignation from the post the Obama administration felt he would be good for.You mentioned that the President has people backing him that are socialist as if he controls who likes his policies. I believe whatever the President says he is and whatever he says he is not. Until I see otherwise his statement that he isn’t a particular thing is fine with me. I wonder were those Socialists and Communists behind him when he “Bailed out” Wall Street? I am sure there are things that Bush and other Presidents have done that they agreed with as well.Van Jones “… wrote the national bestseller, “The Green Collar Economy,” which provided the definitive blueprint for retooling American industry to create pathways out of poverty and generate a national economic recovery. He was a driving force behind passage of the 2007 Green Jobs Act. In fact, Van’s ideas have helped lead to the creation of tens of thousands of jobs across the industrial Midwest and throughout the nation’s decaying urban and rural areas.”Van Jones has ideas that could help and that reason alone was why someone from the Obama Admin. saw fit to seek his expertise. While there are many who might not like the fact he linked himself with Communism, it still does not detract from his accomplishments and his desire to do good.I don’t see where you “fully explained why you listed the openly socialist and communist groups”. You mentioned that there are over 400 backers and “highlighted” a very small percentage that are Socialist and COmmunist (I am sure that all 400 of them are not). Yet you only saw fit to talk about those very few “Real Americans” that are of that ideology.You grew up in the sixties and seventies and saw this country at war against those factions. You also had to see the war held against its own citizens, too. Many fought those “wars” to free others and came back to apartheid home.Some parts of your diatribe I shall dismiss, but not the part about basic principles of liberty and freedom. Many fought the good fight to get those rights others and had to wait with “all deliberate speed” to get theirs. The hypocrisy of Nations knows no ideology. None fight for the rights of others unless “there is something in it for them” and their “Interests” abroad.I mentioned Hoover and people like that because when a people who have been treated in a manner inconsistent with what is written and realized by many others, another way of life might not be a bad thing to consider. For many to not receive that which you have received so readily, without having to fight for it.I am the beneficiary of the struggles of many who did so, so that I would be able to vote and be a part of a country they loved, fought and died for.”It’s not what I think of my country, it’s What does my country think of me?”

Answer the question to the best of your ability:
Question: What in the world do you mean by, “I don’t know of any other ethnic group in America that fights for the rights of all America. If there are, I would love to know who those ethnic groups are?”

Now I, at this date have not received his reply to my last transmission and frankly, I am curious as to how he is going to respond.  Reggie has his definite ideas and I have mine.  But the question now looms, is Reggie open for new information.  I have every belief that I am and, if Reggie has information to share, I welcome it.

Many have become intolerant  towards what people say and write these days.  For instance Iranian “…. President Ahmadinejad argued the changes in the world were so tremendous that the United Nations should be allowed to explore what happened on Sept. 11. “It was said that some 3,000 people were killed on 11 September for which we are all very saddened. Yet, up until now, in Afghanistan and Iraq hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, millions wounded and displaced and the conflict is still going on and expanding,” he noted.  Many people in the USA and elsewhere agree that more investigation in the matter needs to happen, while many feel no more discussion is warranted.

Are we truly ready to come together in the hopes of “Making a Difference“.

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