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Be Black, Buy Black and Think Black

I am a member of a site that has this “Unique” concept – “Be Black, Buy Black, Think Black and all else will take care of itself” – Marcus Garvey (  I have marveled at this whole phrase for it really does say a great deal, especially about what it could do in terms of the internet, social media and network marketing. I can’t help but wonder why Marcus Garvey’s uses “Be” and not “Think” as the first word of the quote.  Isn’t my nature of “Being” strongly connected to my “Thinking”?  Does my true nature which is tied to my Khemetic Roots make my “being” just naturally so?  Apparently not!

I have long since found that thinking/decisions imply an action to be taken, but until I make that move I am still right where I was, originally.  I read words, like “I am that I am” and its antithesis “To be or Not to be” and see where I go wrong when it comes to my own thinking and consciousness. Being Black is not about being of a so-called “Race”, but rather about being of a consciousness of that collective.  By Buying Black, I not only enrich another of that same consciousness, but myself and my community.  Thinking Black is just the result of my Being Black through Buying Black.

I had missed the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s live interview on Columbus, Mississippi’s Karriem And Company radio show on Wednesday Februrary 9th.  I was able to listen to it @
Click on the Weekly Webcast Archives player or alternatively click the Silverlight player.

I came away from the recorded interview with a feeling that the Minister was about to touch on an industry that is and has changed many lives.  He spoke to our need to recognize that a changing world needs a changing mindset to advance with it.  This changing mindset need always take into account the special areas of expertise one needs to have in order to compete in it.  Direct Sales and Network Marketing is definitely a way to even the playing fields and many of us need to take a closer look at it. Let’s consider the “Industrial Revolution” and all of the people looking at the changes the world was moving towards. Seeing beforehand what people would be consuming and taking advantage of this trend while it’s in its youthfulness is what pioneers actually do.

“The online business struggle has got easier. The truth is that Network Marketing and MLM or multi-level-marketing are the new ‘Buzz-Words’ in the Internet arena. Thousands of websites promote both the aforementioned online businesses professionally. In fact, the way business is transacted has made them upbeat and more conducive to the prevalent atmosphere. The end-result being that more revenue is being earned by the participation of more and more entrepreneurs.” –

Many of us, regardless of ethnicity, are still looking to the traditional way America has done business and expecting to weather the changing economic environment.  With a changing world – a much more global one at that, we have to take on the armor of change to advance with all that is moving away from what we have previously come to know. Change is inevitable and I know I must change and so does everyone else. The benefits a smaller business has over more traditional ones are its ability to morph into something else. The product can change and the business model does not have to maintain the rigidity of focus that the larger facilities tend to promote.

Many are going to say that talk like this is against the “American” way. That people that “Be Black, Buy Black, Think Black …..” are talking separatist thinking and an ideology that is not in the best benefit of the American nation. Well, I say that when other ethnicities are patronizing Black owned businesses in the same manner as many “Blacks” will patronize those other ethnic groups then we have achieved much in leveling that obvious disparity in trade.  We never question why many will traverse great distances to buy from their own while all the while expecting all others to patronize their business.  It’s time we take a serious look at what we are telling our children, our community and the world.

Seayson Enterprise is an independent representative of MaHarris and Company.  For more information on any of our services and products contact me at your earliest convenience (973) 689-9995

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