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GSA, Secret Service and other scandals

All of the current missteps by government agencies are bound to be blamed on President Obama. As I look at all of the media on the subject it’s just a matter of time before the blame gets handed up to Presidents lap. It would seem that these agents of the people have just come together to cause scandals in an election year and bring undue blame on the wrong parties. Somehow or another this will undoubtedly be “Obama’s” fault that people in his administration have and continue to do unlawful acts. It would seem that prior administrations must have never had to deal with this type of behavior! Secret Service agents of the past must have never had a desire to be in the comfort of “Prostitutes” until Obama came to town? It would seem that this behavior was and is only something that could have happened under “Obama”. That’s the sad part of it all that many people will probably fall right in line with this type of reasoning.

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