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A Change On The Horizon?

The South is crucifying Christ again By all the laws of ancient rote and rule . . . Christ’s awful sin is that he’s dark of hue, The sin for which no blamelessness atones; . . . And while he burns, good men, and, women too, Shout, battling for his black and brittle bones. — “Christ Recrucified,” Countee Cullen, 1922

Cone, James H. (2011-09-01). The Cross and the Lynching Tree . Orbis Books. Kindle Edition.

Racism and Mental Health

“The American Psychiatric Association has never officially recognized extreme racism (as opposed to ordinary prejudice) as a mental health problem, although the issue was raised more than 30 years ago. …. The association’s officials rejected the recommendation, arguing that because so many (white) Americans are racist, even extreme racism in this country is normative—a cultural problem rather than an indication of psychopathology.”

“The current system cannot force states to share all of their records with the NICS database, especially ones regarding mental health. This lack of records allows some people with mental issues to legally purchase guns.

Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, had been declared mentally ill by a judge two years before he murdered 32 people. But Cho had gone through a background check and been cleared.” – http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/10/politics/background-checks-explainer/index.html

Now the question is how do you deal with people who have “licensed” guns with ammunition who are mentally unstable?  Racism, being looked at as a mental illness for the last 3 decades, cannot be ignored for too much longer and its normative state should be reason enough to reign in these gun owners who suffer with this affliction.

Until we can see the cross and the lynching tree together, until we can identify Christ with a “recrucified” black body hanging from a lynching tree, there can be no genuine understanding of Christian identity in America, and no deliverance from the brutal legacy of slavery and white supremacy.

Cone, James H. (2011-09-01). The Cross and the Lynching Tree . Orbis Books. Kindle Edition.

We truly have a ways to go and a sometime to get there. And as long as we can’t see each other in the conversation there will never be dialogue. There will never be understanding. There can never be a US without us. It is my position that what happened of late is a sign of more to come and the madness that follows has no real place in our lives. What reason would any sane person have for passing over, with a minimum of concern, someone else’s rights. It’s simply a sign that there is more work to be done and people have to come together and make all of this right again. There should never be one set of rules for one and another set of rules for all others.

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