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An Elevated Message w/Dr. Ava Muhammad 12/13/13

Dec 13, 2013 – Elevated Places with Dr Ava Muhammad


Dr. Muhammad talks about many topics and brings a message to many of us that seek knowledge and understanding in order to better deal with untruths and the like.

Mandiba by any other name

What really astonishes me about this segment from Dr. Muhammad is a little know fact about the life of Mandiba “Nelson” Mandela and how he was given the name of “Nelson” by a teacher in his formative years. It would seem that this practice had worldwide appeal. I was always under the impression that this was a practice that only the enslaved people captured from the African continent had to endure once they arrived here in the USA. Imagine that after a person has arrived on these shores his heritage is taken away and a new one is given despite all attempts to retain that which was always known. To be whipped and forced a reality until at some point you accept that reality as if you came up with the idea yourself. That is truly the definition of “Power”.

To take a person’s identity and reduce them to less than what their consciousness deemed worthy is really a cruel thing to do. There is no other people on the planet that were subjected to such humiliation. We hear about the ancient Hebrews and their so-called enslavement under the people of Khemet, but how much of the history of the African is unearthed through research over the years.


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