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Not Your Grandfathers GOP

More Brat: ‘The Government Holds A Monopoly On Violence’ (via Liberaland)

Get ready for more David Brat writings to be revealed as he seeks Eric Cantor’s House seat in the Virginia general election. There are some doozies, like suggesting The government holds a monopoly on violence. Any law that we vote for is ultimately…

and now ….

Eric Cantor loses US House seat in shock upset (via AFP)

In a stunning defeat, number-two House Republican Eric Cantor has been ousted by a more conservative primary challenger who delivered a body blow to the Republican establishment. Majority Leader Cantor, a powerful party insider who was widely seen as…

I really have to wonder about the above two “reposts” from articles I came across from other websites I am sharing. Particularly, what has happened in Virginia with Eric Cantor,  and around the country, is this simply the result of the GOP’s incessant need to “Not” work with this Presidency, under Barack Obama? Or is this simply the natural progression of things to have and “receive” new innovative leadership steering the country forward?



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