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My Apologies

I had re-posted a picture of children, on Sunday past, who have been killed as a result of war and today just had to “delete” it from my profile.

You see, posting other peoples “negative” photos is something I rarely do on Facebook. I have my own thoughts on various topics and have posted on my Blog about this particular scenario in 2010, at the same time that Helen Thomas was asked to resign because she felt that the Israelis need to get out of lands that belong to the Palestinians – https://ceseay.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/making-headway-of-it-all/

The Saga Continues

After genuflecting on the things said on a thread I was engaged in regarding the aforementioned picture, and what is going on in that region of the world, truly made me think about a few things.

After being singled out for my simply stating that the lack of participation on that thread could be a result of people not wanting to go against “G?D’s” word, by denouncing the actions of a “so-called” chosen people,  I received the following.

The other participant stated

“Isreali teenagers? Children are dying. Adults are dying. When is it going to stop, when Isreal “agrees” not to exist? Seriously. This is going to take two intelligent, peace-seeking leaders, one from each side, who seriously want peace. No more suicide bombs. No more unprovoked bombings. No more terrorism. How’s about both sides grow the f*ck up and learn to live with each other? I’ve been watching this conflict since I was SIX YEARS OLD. My parents had a special interest in it historically. I have three aunts who are Holocaust survivors in their 90s. Trust me, this shit has been going on for millennia and my family has seen it up close and personal. There’s a LOT more to this conflict than the sensationalist photos and one-sided posts that I’ve been seeing recently, and all they do is inflame. If peace is to be achieved, people have to stop making it worse – and I’m sorry but posts like this make it worse. They fire people up without people knowing the whole story, and rather than making an effort toward peace, all I’m seeing is hatred and racism / religionism and it’s shocking to me that in this day and age people are still behaving this way. It’s horrible. If people made an effort to calm the anger, maybe this conflict would find its way to a peaceful end. But as long as there’s this kind of hatred (see picture below), this will never end…so you see? It’s a two-way street. I could also post all kinds of pictures of dead Jews – my Auntie Dasha was marched out in front of the town square so that she could be forced to watch her father shot in the face and thrown into a ditch with the rest of the men from her village. She has a great attitude today, and hates NO one. Not even the Nazis. But I’m not going to post a bunch of pictures of dead Jews because I don’t think it will help. I think everyone should stop the sensationalism and start figuring out a way to LOVE each other and stop provoking and attacking. Peace will never be achieved that way. Never. Namaste.”

I disagreed with very little of what was written and only had some differences with content, especially when the writer tried to get me to believe that Israel is being denied a chance to “Exist”. Israel is truly existing and existing on a grand scale.


  •  When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled.  ~ Swahili saying

And when I look at the Palestinian situation I have to wonder which one is the “Grass” in this picture. Can anyone truly say that the Palestinians are one of the “Elephants”? When one looks at how one side is being armed while the other is not, can anyone  really say it’s fair? Isn’t it true that when WWII was being fought that American companies armed both sides of the conflict?  Did these companies, in the name of profits -consider money above all else, provide armaments and the fuel the warmongers needed?

When the other participant wrote:

“…., I consider Hamas bombing Tel Aviv and Jerusalem bullying. And what’s worse is the Palestinians do that, then there’s retaliation by Israel, then people start posting pictures of dead kids and saying SEE? THE JEWS ARE PLANNING GENOCIDE. Yes. That’s EXACTLY the problem. Yes, the Israelis are more powerful and they do not wish to be bombed so they fight back in an effort to stop the bombing. Which clearly isn’t working any better than the Palestinians bombing Isreal. The Palestinians need to let go of Israel and focus on peacefully finding a homeland that doesn’t involve taking the homeland of someone else. Why are the Arab nations not opening their arms to the Palestinians, and why aren’t the Palestinians trying to find a home with other Arabs? I don’t get that. Again, for me? It’s all about finding the most peaceful solution to the problem, and picking fights with what they (and obviously you) perceive to be a “bully” is not helping

It was after reading this part that the “… Palestinians need to let go of Israel and focus on peacefully finding a homeland that doesn’t involve taking the homeland of someone else.” that I knew this person didn’t believe the words they wrote prior to the post being deleted.

I shook my head and realized that “It’s Sad But It’s True”



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