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I just visited the Black Business Network

I realized that I haven’t been checking out their great products ranging from the educational to the very tasty teas. In fact I’ve been missing out. Although I am not a “Supplier” nor a “Marketer”, I can always show my support. Come to think of it I have not even been a good supporter (… a person that purchases and “uses” the products sold on the Network …).

I don’t necessarily have to be a Supplier or a Marketer, but I should be a Supporter. I can simply talk about the experiences I have had with the products I have purchased and give my testimony. I shouldn’t have to wait until the holidays or even February to support a great marketplace called the Black Business Network.

What prompted me to tell you about this is that I have been telling everybody that would listen about an App I downloaded to my tablet and after doing all of that I got in touch with the whole idea around NETWORK MARKETING ….

Network Marketing

Network Marketing (people telling people) is a unique marketing method that allows companies to utilize everyday people to spread the word about products. Instead of spending tons on marketing up-front, network marketing (also called “direct selling”) companies encourage everyday people to promote their products. People tell their friends, family members, associates, co-workers and people they meet about the company’s products. Network marketing companies pay people for each sale they make, after the sale is completed. This method bypasses traditional expensive marketing methods, eliminates the risk in marketing, bypasses countless middlemen, and allows everyday people to earn fortunes by selling products they believe in directly to consumers.
Many network marketing companies employ a multi-level pay plan, where members of their company can get paid on sales made by other members that they introduce. This methods of compensation is commonly called “multi-level marketing”. – Black Business Network

Affiliate of products and services which offer opportunities to renew our minds, bodies and spirits.



Charles Seay

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