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I got involved with Onecoin after seeing in the news how China is now a reserve currency.  I knew very little about the Onecoin strategy and knew very little about how it works.  A friend got my attention to the product because of his posts on the social media we are on. My concerns were many, but I jumped right on in because I can understand a little bit of the financial side of things.

Of course many people may look at the amount of a payout and I can only imagine what could be running across minds like that. But when I look at what happened as a result of just turning a few people onto the OneLife process, I am the one more amazed.  I really have to get out there and promote this opportunity more and more. Friends and family might not be interested (at first), but when others realize it’s not even about sharing the opportunity, but just sharing about the progress being made is cool for me.

Here is a product that doesn’t require anyone to promote it in order to get paid.  Do yourself a favor and just research the “Blockchain” technology and what is in store for the world around us.


Charles Seay
Affiliate of products and services which offer opportunities to renew our minds, bodies and spirits.

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