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People who are joining for “FREE” are


getting PAID!!!




Hackers steal $72 million of Bitcoin

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Hackers steal $72 million of Bitcoin from exchange in Hong Kong.

Part of what enticed me to join Onelife, beyond just getting the chance to own the OneCoin, was obtaining knowledge from the OneAcademy’s Educational Packages.

Yes, the company first introduced me to Bitcoin, and since I didn’t have knowledge of what a Bitcoin was; previously, OneLife showed me what could have been had I only knew what was what.

The below information, especially was very helpful in making OneLife part of my investment strategy:

“Each investor should realize that every investment decision he makes with his portfolio is only his and not someone else’s. Try to always be “in control” of your portfolio – never rely on someone else to do what you should be doing. If you lose a grip on it, you will rather be “managed” by your portfolio than vice versa. Here are broad categories of asset classes that investors can put their money in.”
“If you are looking to invest in something, you have thousands of choices. You can choose from stocks, commodities, bonds, alternative investments etc. Before making an investment, the most important and at the same time the most difficult thing is to obtain detailed information about the asset that you are about to invest in. Many investors wrongfully think knowing the name and some basic information about an asset is enough. Yet, this cannot be further from the truth – you have to delve hard before taking a decision.”


“Friday’s losses of $2.1 trillion were already the heaviest suffered in a single market day, eclipsing the $1.9 trillion that was erased on September 29, 2008 when the U.S. Congress infamously voted down the Wall Street bailout.” ~

Want to try? It’s simple.

OneLife has registered an account with the email: If you choose to accept this mission to “Hack” this account, find what’s inside and send it back to “ONELIFE/OneCoin at in a decrypted state, along with a detailed explanation of your hacking approach. If … approved, ONELIFE/OneCoin will give you €100,000 (or (the) OneCoin equivalent).



Charles Seay

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Staying Connected

July 25, 2011 25 comments

Google+, Facebook – Video and the CU 3000?

WiFi Enabled and Fully PortableWith Google and Facebook and a host of others venturing into video conferencing and employing their wares into their social media platforms; we now have many tools at our disposal to stay in touch with one another.

The GLOBALINX®  CU 3000 is one product on the market that has great possibilities for those with hearing “disabilities”.  This device enables them to interact with each other on a regular basis and distance is no longer an issue.   Imagine someone who is unable to hear the phone ringing , but able to see  the strobe light on the CU 3000 flashing; which indicates a call is coming through, being able to answer the phone.  They can now answer the call and begin having a conversation using sign language (provided the other person is able to sign) just as if the person were right there in the same room with them.  With the GLOBALINX® CU 3000’s ability to invert the cameras view, you now are able to show the caller all of the treasures you possess and want to share with them.  One of the many things you will like about this device is it’s portability, which for a home phone is phenomenal.  You can take this device anywhere in the world that has broadband access and the registered phone number will follow you; thus enabling you to make video or voice calls, as if you were still at home.   It’s also a great tool for anyone traveling on business that wishes to connect to a whiteboard, TV or a Camcorder for video conferencing with up to 2 additional participants.  GLOBALINX®  has also implemented the GSP 10; a softphone application that is downloaded to your computer, which enables you to make calls to mobile and landline phones, as well as connect with the GLOBALINX®  CU 3000 in High Definition (HD).

There is really some great stuff on the market today that is bringing people together and making their lives more palatable, especially in these days and times with the high cost of gas and travel.  Green Technology has arrived and we just need to take advantage of it.

Rocky Mountain on Channel 9 News

LINX 4 Learning

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Online Marketing and E-Mail

What to do when you have annoyed?

Not too long ago, actually it was last week, I had this embarrassing situation happen to me.  I know I might have offended someone and I hope I haven’t offended more than that.  I think I first will have to explain what is going on.

The Situation:

I regularly receive e-mails from people who just happen to get my information from some online/offline source.  And because I take what they are sending, not as an intrusion, only as another potential “Partner/Sale” into my primary opportunity.

You see; I know I haven’t signed up for anything, opted in to this program or that program – I just don’t do it.  I just don’t have the time and wherewithall for such.   I do opt in to webinars and conference calls from sources I already have a relationship with from time to time, like the INC. 500’s Blog (Online Marketing –, which brings me to why I am posting this situation of mine.   Because many people send me e-mails looking for me to do this or that I just add their e-mail into a list and at some future date I will send them information about a product/service I have.  I figure if they are networkers and like me having a shortage of leads, I might as well connect with them in the same manner they have already instituted.  At least I can feel like they started it.    Now I call myself categorizing the people I have added very carefully and I have now come to find out my “fact” checking needs some “CHECKING”.  One person I didn’t intend to send anything to received some unsolicited items from me and I was still embarrassed.  I replied explaining my oversight and immediately removed them from that list/category they were erroneously were placed in.  The people I intended the e-mail to seem would really benefit from a program/tool I have had the fortune of being introduced to.  As I embark on the path of Attraction Marketing and just getting into not always hunting as opposed to being the hunted, I still don’t shy away from the occasion to send some of what I do to people who are sending me what it is they do.  One good turn deserves another is pretty much what it boils down to.  There is no sense in wasting a “perfectly” good e-mail that just pops into your lap.  I was told that “Spam” ain’t always to be deleted.  I took all of that to heart and will from time to time send good information to bad senders.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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Pyramid This

February 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Be Black, Buy Black and Think Black

I am a member of a site that has this “Unique” concept – “Be Black, Buy Black, Think Black and all else will take care of itself” – Marcus Garvey (  I have marveled at this whole phrase for it really does say a great deal, especially about what it could do in terms of the internet, social media and network marketing. I can’t help but wonder why Marcus Garvey’s uses “Be” and not “Think” as the first word of the quote.  Isn’t my nature of “Being” strongly connected to my “Thinking”?  Does my true nature which is tied to my Khemetic Roots make my “being” just naturally so?  Apparently not!

I have long since found that thinking/decisions imply an action to be taken, but until I make that move I am still right where I was, originally.  I read words, like “I am that I am” and its antithesis “To be or Not to be” and see where I go wrong when it comes to my own thinking and consciousness. Being Black is not about being of a so-called “Race”, but rather about being of a consciousness of that collective.  By Buying Black, I not only enrich another of that same consciousness, but myself and my community.  Thinking Black is just the result of my Being Black through Buying Black.

I had missed the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s live interview on Columbus, Mississippi’s Karriem And Company radio show on Wednesday Februrary 9th.  I was able to listen to it @
Click on the Weekly Webcast Archives player or alternatively click the Silverlight player.

I came away from the recorded interview with a feeling that the Minister was about to touch on an industry that is and has changed many lives.  He spoke to our need to recognize that a changing world needs a changing mindset to advance with it.  This changing mindset need always take into account the special areas of expertise one needs to have in order to compete in it.  Direct Sales and Network Marketing is definitely a way to even the playing fields and many of us need to take a closer look at it. Let’s consider the “Industrial Revolution” and all of the people looking at the changes the world was moving towards. Seeing beforehand what people would be consuming and taking advantage of this trend while it’s in its youthfulness is what pioneers actually do.

“The online business struggle has got easier. The truth is that Network Marketing and MLM or multi-level-marketing are the new ‘Buzz-Words’ in the Internet arena. Thousands of websites promote both the aforementioned online businesses professionally. In fact, the way business is transacted has made them upbeat and more conducive to the prevalent atmosphere. The end-result being that more revenue is being earned by the participation of more and more entrepreneurs.” –

Many of us, regardless of ethnicity, are still looking to the traditional way America has done business and expecting to weather the changing economic environment.  With a changing world – a much more global one at that, we have to take on the armor of change to advance with all that is moving away from what we have previously come to know. Change is inevitable and I know I must change and so does everyone else. The benefits a smaller business has over more traditional ones are its ability to morph into something else. The product can change and the business model does not have to maintain the rigidity of focus that the larger facilities tend to promote.

Many are going to say that talk like this is against the “American” way. That people that “Be Black, Buy Black, Think Black …..” are talking separatist thinking and an ideology that is not in the best benefit of the American nation. Well, I say that when other ethnicities are patronizing Black owned businesses in the same manner as many “Blacks” will patronize those other ethnic groups then we have achieved much in leveling that obvious disparity in trade.  We never question why many will traverse great distances to buy from their own while all the while expecting all others to patronize their business.  It’s time we take a serious look at what we are telling our children, our community and the world.

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Make a Difference Using Technology

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Mark Zuckerberg, the 26-year-old founder and chief executive of Facebook has made a donation of $100 million to the Newark public schools.  The $100 million is to be used to improve education in America, with the primary goal of helping Newark.

The donation has the potential to be matched by another $100 million that Newark’s mayor, Cory Booker, has been working on by raising funds from various private foundations and others.  The Mayor is trying to “Make a Difference” and it’s through the help of local and state business that the problem can and will be addressed.  Many people felt that the Mayor was about to “take” over the schools within his city and after listening to the Board of Education’s Advisory Committee, many can rest assured that that wouldn’t happen.

Imagine if the very people the Mayor are seeking to ask for help have their own agenda that the Mayor is to follow and money wasn’t a barrier, at all.  Imagine more affluent patrons dictating to the Mayor how they want their “Donation” spent and the Mayor’s compliance is mandatory upon receipt.  Imagine the Governor, who has caused the funding source for the State’s School system to all but dry up, requesting the Mayor in a direction inconsistent with “BOE” policy.  Now I have come to understand that the Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) is in place to keep such a thing from happening.

Our children really need not to become mere pawns in the political machines our Governors and Mayors can contrive and conjure up.  After the schools were taken over by the State, the job of “OverSeer” w/o an effective plan was hatched. While under the control of those who supposedly “knew” all are kids are now worse off, with 20% of the “failing” schools resting solely in Newark, alone.   The below question:

Asked by Sen. Ronald Rice (D-Essex) if any interpretation of the QSAC law permits a mayor to play an official role in school governance, Hendricks said, “No.” When asked if language in the QSAC law authorizes any mayoral participation in schools under state control, Hendricks again responded, “No.”

Mark Zuckerberg.

Newark spends about $22,000 a year on each of its 40,000 pupils, but only about half of its students graduate. Of those who do, only one-fifth go on to four-year colleges. More than 85 percent of the Newark students at community colleges need remedial help in math and English.

The $200 million that could be raised would amount to over 20 percent of Newark’s budget of $940 million.

The donation comes at a time when foundations and wealthy investors are increasingly funneling large amounts of money to public education — but with strings attached. In Washington, D.C., this year foundations pledged millions of dollars to fund an increase in teacher pay that is tied to an individual teacher’s ability to show that they can help students improve their performance.

In the case of Zuckerberg’s donation, there are no particular plans as of yet. Booker is supposed to draw up those plans and get community support for them, according to a person familiar with the situation. –

WSJ Last Updated: 10:22 AM, September 23, 2010 Posted: 10:17 PM, September 22, 2010

Read more:

It would seem that this is the FaceBook Mogel’s  largest gift to date.  Although it comes as the company he founded battles to counteract a Hollywood film’s scathing depiction of the founder, Mark Zuckerberg.  “The Social Network,” which opened on Oct. 1, portrays Zuckerberg as a conniving backstabber who may have stolen the idea for his social networking site.

I don’t think any portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg is going to diminish the impact that FaceBook has and will continue to have on the many users of his platform.  What is needed is for the children to learn from what Mr. Zuckerberg has done and begin emulating it on some scale. We are enriching many website and application creators like the FaceBooks, MSN and Yahoo’s IM Client as well as the many iPhone Apps for the Apple Macintosh environment and never really experiencing first hand direct intervention on a magnitude as Mark’s contribution.

We have been placed with a huge opportunity to not only contribute, but to take back our communities.  Let’s begin the process by seeking out those like-minded people and also by reciprocating with our patronage, showing appreciation for those who are willing to give back. Many local businesses understand that without a strong working class this country ceases to exist.  Educating our young people to eventually become the workers and thinkers of a society that can once again catapult this country to the top is extremely important.  We do have those wanting to “Make a Difference” and if connecting them to each other is what we can do then that is what we should do.

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All Goods, All Times, All Season

RTPR – A Closer Look

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I have and will experience pain from time to time and as I get older it’s gonna come as with all things.

It’s just how it is!

Taking a pill to alleviate pain is a natural thing to do in our drug culture.  Have you ever stopped and considered what we are really doing to our stomachs?  If and when I have to gain relief from the pain I am sure that a topical solution is better than ingesting the remedy.  I also have to realize that I am not doing my body any good by taking drugs that can cause further damage over time.

RTPR Works at Three Levels

Pain happens because something is wrong. Most drugs merely mask the pain–and that’s not so bad, but they do other things too, like reduce your pain tolerance (so you have to use more of the drug) and oftentimes, they damage your body.

Our approach is different–RTPR works at three levels to resolve your pain, not just relieve it.

1. Immediate, long-lasting localized relief –
Our ingredients go into the body through your skin, right at the site of your pain. …

2. Restoring your pain threshold –
One of our ingredients is unique in its ability to restore the pain tolerance you lose when taking oral pain medications. …

3. Restoring tissue health –
Pain means damage. A blow to the muscle or bone, the shredding of muscle fiber in aggressive exercise, or the wear and tear of time on joints. …

I can also see that people recovering from being addicted to drugs might have a need for a pain medication that doesn’t require them to ingest pills and such.  Keeping them clean and sober is just one of the benefits that a topical solution offers.

“Deaths from medication mistakes at home increased from 1,132 deaths in 1983 to 12,426 in 2004. Adjusted for population growth, that amounts to an increase of more than 700 percent during that time. In contrast, there was only a 5 percent increase in fatal medication errors away from home, including hospitals, and not involving alcohol or street drugs”

“By 2004, fatal medication errors were responsible for far more years of potential life lost than were all accidents from firearms, falls, fire and flames, drowning and non-medication poisonings combined,” Phillips said – Submitted by Armen Hareyan on 2008-07-29